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Whether it's a captivating centrepiece for your living room or a grand display for a special event, I relish the opportunity to transform spaces and evoke emotions through the timeless charm of flowers.

— Ekaterina Dalmaris


the creative force behind Kate D Bloom, a prestigious floral design studio based in the heart of London. 

With a deep passion for flowers, I've dedicated myself to creating exquisite arrangements that embody elegance, sophistication and timeless beauty.


At Kate D Bloom we defy the ordinary, eschewing commonplace decorations in favour of bespoke floral designs tailored to each client's unique vision. Whether it's an enchanting Alice in Wonderland theme, the mysterious allure of Wednesday or the whimsy of fairytales, I thrive on the opportunity to bring different styles to life. I'm always eager to take on challenging projects that push the boundaries of creativity and imagination.


With a solid foundation from the esteemed Judith Blacklock Flower School, London's only BAC and AIFD accredited institution, and years of hands-on experience, I bring expertise and artistry to every project.


In my portfolio, there are many projects for decorating weddings, anniversaries, and corporate events - you can choose a suitable option from the multitude presented.

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There are quite a lot of related, non-competing areas, and we have a common goal - to attract new customers, their interest, involvement and desire to return.


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