We still have a few dates available for 2024 wedding decorations!

What flowers are in season for my wedding date?

Seasonal flowers depend on your wedding date and location. For instance, spring might offer tulips and peonies, while summer is great for dahlias and zinnias. We can provide a detailed list based on your specific date and preferences.

Can you help me stay within my budget?

We can work within various budgets by suggesting cost-effective seasonal flowers, simpler designs, or mixed arrangements using both high and low-cost blooms. Discussing your budget upfront allows us to tailor suggestions accordingly.

Can you replicate this floral design I found in a magazine or on Pinterest?

While we appreciate and can take inspiration from designs you've seen in magazines or online, we pride ourselves on our unique style that sets our arrangements apart. We will consider your preferences and the essence of your inspiration but will incorporate them into designs that reflect our distinct artistic vision and expertise. This approach ensures your floral decor is both personalized and uniquely memorable.

How can we make my floral arrangements unique or personalized?

Personal touches can be added by incorporating flowers with special meanings, using unique colour schemes, or including elements that reflect personal stories or heritage. We are keen to be creative and integrate your ideas into the floral arrangements we design for you.

What flowers will last throughout the day?

Hardy flowers like orchids, roses, and chrysanthemums are known for their durability and are recommended for long events. We can suggest the best options that will look fresh from start to finish.


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