We still have a few dates available for 2024 wedding decorations!

Step into the enchanting realm of 41 Portland Place, where our past project unfolded in a breathtaking venue nestled in the heart of London. At its heart lay a magnificent fireplace, adorned with delicate simplicity amidst the light-infused interior. A singular floral arrangement graced one side, harmonizing effortlessly with the venue's airy ambiance. Our commitment to understated elegance was evident in the simple table decor, allowing the fireplace to command attention. Yet, within this simplicity, our elegant décor beckoned, captivating the eye and inviting closer inspection. Each detail whispered of meticulous craftsmanship and refined taste, creating a magnetic allure that compelled guests to pause and indulge in its exquisite intricacies.
Photography: Masha Unwerth

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