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Elegance collection. Flower hat box

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The flower hat box trend has been captivating florists worldwide for many years. Its outstanding and unusual appearance makes it a favourite among many. Beyond its aesthetics, the flower hat box offers practicality as well.

The flowers are thoughtfully arranged in the box, provided with a water supply, and require little additional care, staying fresh for up to a week or even longer. Transportation is also worry-free, as the flowers remain stable in the hat box arrangement. Interestingly, flower hat boxes have a historical charm dating back to the early 20th century.

Renowned playwright George Bernard Shaw once presented famous actress Stella Campbell with a hat box full of flowers. This romantic gesture led to a discovery long after—the box was found full of heartfelt letters they had written to each other. While flowers may not last indefinitely, the hat box can serve as a keepsake for sweet and cherished memories, making it a delightful gift beyond its floral allure.

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Roses/ Lilies/ Calla lilies/ Eustoma/ Chrysanthemum Santini/ Gypsophila/ Foliage

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